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The way the game is played varies depending on how many people are playing.

If playing solo, you will be able to pick up power ups like a spring or running boots to give you a short boost. The idea is to jump as high as possible using the platforms to boost yourself. 

If playing the Duel mode, you will have the same power ups as before, but with a couple of additional ones. The first is a boxing glove which is fired from the players location and pushes any objects in its way. The second is a bear trap, which can trap any player and reduce their movement speed.

The controls are as follows:

Player 1: 

  • Horizontal movement with A and D
  • Jump requires you to hold the W button to your desired amount
  • You can activate your powerup by pressing E

Player 2:

  • Horizontal movement using the Left and Right Arrow keys
  • Jump is the same as above but using the Up Arrow Key
  • Activating the Power up is done by pressing the Left Shift


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